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Tips to Extend the Life of Your Electric Motor

care Electric Motor Maintenance Tips

 As an electric motor repair facility we strive to provide fast and effective repair services for our customers. However, we know that for our customers a call to the motor repair shop means a loss of valuable production time and a repair bill. We know that it’s in your best interest to never need to call us, so we’ve compiled a short list of best practices that will help keep your electric motor running properly as long as possible.

  1. Avoid Overheating
    Electric motors generate a considerable amount of heat, and they often operate in hot environments. Running a motor at a temperature higher than its design temperature will cause the insulation on the winding to deteriorate more quickly than normal, leading to the eventual failure of the motor. To avoid overheating, be sure that the fins on the motor are not clogged with dust or otherwise blocked; if the motor has a cooling fan, as most do, be sure that the fan is operational and its vents are not blocked or clogged with dirt.
  2. Preventative Maintenance/Lubrication
    While this may seem like an obvious step, it can’t be overlooked. Electric motors have to be properly lubricated from time-to-time, otherwise the bearings will fail. Be sure to use the correct type of grease, as well as the correct amount – excessive lubrication can also be problematic.
  3. Vibration Testing
    Vibration can cause a motor to fail prematurely. Vibration is usually caused by the motor being out of balance. Vibration testing and balancing are field services that we offer, so if you suspect that your motor is out of balance, we would be happy to help.
  4. Keep Motors Dry
    Build-up of moisture inside a motor, like excessive heat, will cause the winding insulation to deteriorate. Under normal conditions, the only common source of moisture inside a motor is condensation. Condensation occurs when the windings are cooler than the temperature outside the motor (the ambient temperature). An effective measure against condensation is to heat the windings, either with space heaters inside the motor, or by applying DC voltage to one phase of the windings when the motor is not being used. (EASA, 2001)

Even with proper maintenance and preventative care, electric motors still won’t last forever. When your electric motor does eventually fail, remember to call Brooks Motor & Electric for repairs or replacement.

Reference article: "How To Get The Most Out Of Your Electric Motor", EASA, 2001

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